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 I am a retired Television Production Teacher, previously employed at Hialeah High School in Hialeah. I taught for a period of 19 years, starting in this noble profession at a late age in life. Prior to that my profession was as an owner operator of a television sales & service company for more than twenty years. I was not putting my High school Photography course, and my experience in the army as a photographer to waste.


I continued with that field at the same time doing mostly videography and some photography for weddings. Being in television sales at the same time gave me the opportunity to obtain and use the latest in video capturing and recording equipment. Becoming a Television Production Teacher I had the opportunity to prepare students to work in the industry. Many of my students have won PSA contests or other competition that came about.


Some of these students are now progressing in their careers. I still find the time to volunteer whenever possible to assist in the school's TV production program.



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